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The Green Machine Conversion would like to give thanks and appreciation to everyone involved!!!
This project would never be possible without the help we have received from many sources.

  • BioBus.org - We've enjoyed being a part of your great project. And your inspiration to help others in creating mobile classrooms and educational displays.
  • Print Wise - Thanks for your financial and artistic contributions.
  • Cathy C. Thanks for passing on the craigslist ad that started this incredible project. And thanks for all your support through the years.
  • Rich H. Thank you for the use of your power tools. They were critical in first phases of this project. And thanks for your emotional support as well.
  • Rocky F. - Thank you for your support delivering supplies.
  • Gloria P. - Thanks you for your unending devotion to this project. Your knowledge and skills have been invaluable.
  • Leslie S. - Thanks for your incredible support and inspiration.
  • Dragon - Thanks you for encouraging the start of this project. Thank you for all your tireless efforts installing the insulation and wiring. Without you this dream would have never become a reality.
  • And last but certainly not least - Thank you Craigslist.org!!! - This project would never have started without you craigslist has been an critically important asset to this project. Thanks to all the craigslist community for being part of this project with your continued help and support.

If you can help, please contact us at info@GreenMachineConversion.org


We are currently seeking donor materials for the completion of this extensive example of living green and yet, not sacrificing our modern existence.
The following recycled or green products are needed. Save something from the landfill or add your green product to this powerful project.

Kitchen Cabinets
SBD30 30” X 24” Sink
B3D15 15” X 24” 3-drawer
B4D15 15” X 24” 4-drawer
BD18 18” X 24” 1-drawer

Bathroom Cabinets
SBD30 30” X 24” Sink

Walls 3/8” x 4’ x 8’ 5-sheets $300
Kitchen 3/4” x 28” x 73” 1-sheet
Refrigerator 3/4” x 33” x 73” 1-sheets
Bathroom 3/4” x 33” x 73” 2-sheets
Closet 3/4” x 33” x 73” 1-sheets
Ceiling 1/4” x 4’ x 8’ 12-sheets $300

Window Treatment
Roller shades or Mini Blinds

24-30” propane, stove/oven
Dishwasher - 18" or drawer unit
Kitchen sink & faucet - Single Stainless
Bathroom sink & faucet

Satellite communications system
WiFi equipment
GPS w/USB interface

Second fuel tank - 50 Gallon
Heated Filters - Racor 1000
In-line heaters
Tank heaters - HotFox
New and used vegetable oil