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The Green Machine Conversion - Recycled from the start. This 1969 GMC PD4107 #"Buffalo" bus began life working in southern California for Airport Service as The Airport Bus until 1984. In August 1984 Bus No. 5902 was purchased by the South Hills Community Church of San Jose for $26,000.

History Montage


This bus served the church well. However as their fleet grew and this one aged, it was used mostly for trips with kids. On returning from it's last voyage for the church, the driver heard a loud pop and the brake warning light on the dash came on. She was parked at an outdoor storage lot in Gilroy and left there for almost two years. From a disposable camera left behind by one of the kids, we saw it was a winter ski trip. With the coups de gras a picture of a super wedgie.

big wedgie

Penny Candy is now being converted to a self-contained motorhome, complete with jacuzzi tub and running on low emission, recycled waste vegetable oil (WVO) aka "greasel" and biodiesel, a flexible multi-function electric power system and state of the art, wifi digital wireless communications.

Her name was inspired by all the candy wrappers and loose change we found while cleaning out the stickiness that must have come from soda fights and sweet treats.

In October 2004, I purchased her from the South Hills Community Church in San Jose. I wasn't looking for a project like this, yet, I have always wanted a "real" bus since converting a '59 IH school bus in the early 1970's. My ex, Cathy, was looking for a car and forwarded me the craigslist ad for a diesel bus for only $300!

I hesitated, knowing that it would be a huge project and wondering what condition it must be in at that low price. But, Dragon, my partner at that time, insisted that it was just what we needed as our financial situation was precarious at best and this could provide housing for us should things get worse. So, I responded to the ad and found that it had a rebuilt engine with under 50K miles on it, just broken in for a diesel with a life expectancy of over 500K miles. So, I drove down to Gilroy to check it out.

The bus was parked in an open storage lot and had been sitting for a couple of years. It was dirty and dusty and one of the cargo bay doors was missing. When we tried to start it, nothing happened. Her batteries were completely drained but, the church's maintenance manager assured me it would start right up with a fresh charge on the batteries. I was already in love with this behemoth and trusted that a church representative wouldn't be lying to me. So, I said "I'll but it." He told me we could meet the following Friday at the church to do the paperwork. But, I knew there was another prospective buyer scheduled to view it after me. So, I wrote a check on the spot and sealed the deal. with a handshake.



We are currently seeking donor materials for the completion of this extensive example of living green and yet, not sacrificing our modern existence.
The following recycled or green products are needed. Save something from the landfill or add your green product to this powerful project.

Kitchen Cabinets
SBD30 30” X 24” Sink
B3D15 15” X 24” 3-drawer
B4D15 15” X 24” 4-drawer
BD18 18” X 24” 1-drawer

Bathroom Cabinets
SBD30 30” X 24” Sink

Walls 3/8” x 4’ x 8’ 5-sheets $300
Kitchen 3/4” x 28” x 73” 1-sheet
Refrigerator 3/4” x 33” x 73” 1-sheets
Bathroom 3/4” x 33” x 73” 2-sheets
Closet 3/4” x 33” x 73” 1-sheets
Ceiling 1/4” x 4’ x 8’ 12-sheets $300

Window Treatment
Roller shades or Mini Blinds

24-30” propane, stove/oven
Dishwasher - 18" or drawer unit
Kitchen sink & faucet - Single Stainless
Bathroom sink & faucet

Satellite communications system
WiFi equipment
GPS w/USB interface

Second fuel tank - 50 Gallon
Heated Filters - Racor 1000
In-line heaters
Tank heaters - HotFox
New and used vegetable oil