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Please, Get involved!

We can use all the help we can get. The project is well underway,however, there is still plenty to be done. We are currently looking for support in the following areas:

VegOil Conversion - The system is designed and now we are looking to implement it. We need donations of materials and help installing the components .

SVO Diagram

Digital Technical Director - We have a great computer, audio-video, GPS and webcam system in mind. Can you help us complete the design, networking and interface of the high-tech portion of this project?

Cabinet Building - The plans are ready so we are looking for someone to help with building these custom cabinets.

Fiberglass Artist - As a highlight of this project, the six foot jetted tub needs an outstanding enclosure. We are thinking a rock look with shelves "carved" into or extending from the stone-like surface.

Sketchup Artist - Do you know how to draw with Google Skectchup? We would like to create 3D drawings of the bus.

Bus Model

Body Design & Paint/Wrap - We would like the exterior of this bus to be as outstanding as the rest of its design. Please join su in designing and completing this part of the project.

If you can help, please contact us at info@GreenMachineConversion.org



We are currently seeking donor materials for the completion of this extensive example of living green and yet, not sacrificing our modern existence.
The following recycled or green products are needed. Save something from the landfill or add your green product to this powerful project.

Kitchen Cabinets
SBD30 30” X 24” Sink
B3D15 15” X 24” 3-drawer
B4D15 15” X 24” 4-drawer
BD18 18” X 24” 1-drawer

Bathroom Cabinets
SBD30 30” X 24” Sink

Walls 3/8” x 4’ x 8’ 5-sheets $300
Kitchen 3/4” x 28” x 73” 1-sheet
Refrigerator 3/4” x 33” x 73” 1-sheets
Bathroom 3/4” x 33” x 73” 2-sheets
Closet 3/4” x 33” x 73” 1-sheets
Ceiling 1/4” x 4’ x 8’ 12-sheets $300

Window Treatment
Roller shades or Mini Blinds

24-30” propane, stove/oven
Dishwasher - 18" or drawer unit
Kitchen sink & faucet - Single Stainless
Bathroom sink & faucet

Satellite communications system
WiFi equipment
GPS w/USB interface

Second fuel tank - 50 Gallon
Heated Filters - Racor 1000
In-line heaters
Tank heaters - HotFox
New and used vegetable oil